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Beautiful countryside just around the corner

Umeå is surrounded by beautiful countryside. The coast is just round the corner but there are also several nature reserves. The citizens of Umeå are by tradition a nature-loving people.

Anyone wishing to visit Umeå's magnificent natural surroundings is recommended to visit one of these places: Tavelsjöleden hiking trail, Grössjön and Strömbäck-Kont nature reserves, the Sävar River valley, Holmön Island, Norrbyskär Island, and Umeleden hiking trail.  

If you are short of time and don't have the possibility to travel a little way for a few hours' relaxation, we recommend the area around Lake Nydala. Situated only 6 kilometres from the centre of Umeå, the area is popularly known as Umeå's Central Park. In addition to a 12-kilometre hiking trail around the lake, the area also has cabins and camping sites. There are also a miniature golf course, a boules court and a 4H farm with animals.  

For people looking to experience the Norrland coast, a visit to the Norrbyskär coastal nature reserve is a must. Norrbyskär is a group of islands about 40 kilometres south of Umeå. The islands' history is the fascinating story of a sawmill community that was built from scratch in less than ten years only to disappear just as suddenly barely 60 years later. It was Frans Kempe, the managing director of the Mo & Domsjö timber product company, who in the early 1890's led the establishment of Norrbyskär, which came to be a model society with one of Europe's largest steam sawmills.

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