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Young Umeå

Umeå is a young, smart city. Young because the average age of its citizens is 38. Smart because knowledge is our most valuable asset.  

The city's young population is one of the main reasons for the dynamics and city pulse associated with Umeå. The 32 000 students at Umeå University are an important reason why cultural events of both broad and more specialised appeal always find an inquisitive and interested audience in Umeå. The more well known festivals include Kulturnatta, the Umeå International Jazz Festival, Umeå Open, She's got the beat, Holmön Folk Song Festival, Sami Week, MADE in Umeå, Umeå Football Festival, Edge, and the Täfteå festival.  

Every year thousands of students come to Umeå to study. This gives the city a special distinctive character, a feeling of future and confidence. Umeå's innovative companies in the fields of biomedicine, energy and IT are also contributing factors to the city's youthful, innovative atmosphere.  

Two universities

Umeå is Sweden's fifth largest university city with 32 000 students. Thousands of researchers and teachers from Sweden and around the world work here. Umeå has not just one university but two: Umeå University and SLU (the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences).  

Youth Municipality of the Year

Umeå was named Youth Municipality of the Year in 2008. Umeå was awarded the prize because the city has for many years pursued a strategic effort and focused purposefully on young people's involvement, preventive activities and young people's future.

Facts about Umeå

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