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Ways to affect the democratic process

You can either contact a councillor directly or get in touch with the relevant municipal committee. A member of the Municipal Council can prepare a motion or interpellation, or raise a question in the Municipal Council. Alternatively, a member of a municipal committee can take up the question in the committee concerned. Citizens can also take direct contact with the municipality, which is then responsible for investigating the matter.

Direct questions

In this case, only the questioner and the person answering the question may discuss the matter. A question of this nature for example on a point of information - cannot lead to a decision.


An interpellation is a more complicated and comprehensive question raised by a municipal councillor. The question must be submitted in writing in advance, and must be answered no later that the next meeting of the Municipal Council, when all councillors can participate in the debate. However, as with the simple question, an interpellation cannot lead to a decision.


A motion is a written proposal submitted by a municipal councillor. The motion is always considered and investigated by the municipal administration concerned before it is taken up again in the Municipal Council. As a result, it may take some time before the issue can be determined, if extensive investigation is required. This process should not take more than 12 months, however. A motion always calls for a decision by the Municipal Council.


Råd från myndigheter/advice from authorities: